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        1. ABOUT US
          About Us

          Sales Call:18943976822

          Office Telephone:13578616005

          Address:No. 1188, Jiaer Road, Jiutai Economic Development Zone, Changchun

          human resources
          Your current location:Home > human resources

          AIK medical devices

          Company industry: medical devices
          Private Companies size: about 120 people
          Job title: business elite
          Salary: negotiable
          Education requirements: high school / technical secondary school or above
          Recruitment number: 3 people
          Work experience: no limit
          Work area: Changchun city and the field
          Job description: salesman;
          Recruitment requirements: Male or female among the age of 18 to 35, who is expressive, easy-going, full of responsibility with good self-discipline and teamwork spirit. The employee shall be with following characteristics: fluency in mandarin, good character, good image and temperament, sound contingency capacity and ability of communication and coordination, basic etiquette reception, responsible for work, ability to use fundamental computer applications and external assignment acceptance. The one who has sales experience is preferred. And fresh graduates are in priority.
          Contact: 13578616005
          Linkman: Manager Zhou
          No. 1188, Jiaer Road, Jiutai Economic Development Zone, Changchun



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