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          Your current location:Home > News > China’s medical device industry sales scale exceeded 20 billion yuan in 2014

              Medical device industry is high technology industry which is multidisciplinary, knowledge and capital intensive. Not getting widespread attention as multitudinous pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies still developed a lot in the previous year. Compared with medical device industry of developed countries, ours have the deficiencies of unstable industrial foundation, small scale, and relatively lagging development. But in the same time, there is a huge contradiction between our backward medical device equipment level and increasing medical needs of the society, which stimulates rapid growth in the medical device market recently.

              With the enhancement of our residents’ living standard and growth of medical health care awareness by people, influenced positively by national medical device industry policy overweight, and sustainable growth of product needs, domestic medical device industry overall comes into rapid growth stage. As 2016-2021 China’s Medical Device Industry Market Outlook and Investment Forecast Analysis Report of Foreseeing Industry Research Institute shows, from 2004 to 2014, compound growth rate of medical device industry income reached more than 25%, far higher than around 7%-8%; China’s medical device industry sales scale broke through 200 billion yuan, which accounted for 7% of global medical device sales scale, still having great space to improve. According to statistic data of National Bureau, sales income of pharmaceutical industry reached 23.326 trillion yuan in 2014, medical device market accounted for only 9.16% of total pharmaceutical market. There is wide space for that compared with 42% of global medical device on pharmaceutical market.

              For China's medical device companies, 2016 will be full of opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the industry will face pressure from supervision and finance; on the other hand, technological innovation will make benefit for medical device industry and diagnosis industry. Information technology, nanotechnology, cloud data, deep learning, personalized medicine, as well as the popularity of smart phones will become a powerful impetus for the development of the medical device industry. From another point of view, a large amount of medical device companies are still carrying on repeated researches, which will virtually limit the efficiency of company research.

              Development trend of medical device industry:

          (1) Unceasing enhancement of industry concentration

          China’s medical device circulation market presents the competition pattern of overall dispersion and tending to centralization. Medical device circulation enterprises speed up the pace of merger and reorganization by utilizing industry funds, listing and financing, introduction of foreign capital and other approaches, and strive to raise industry organization level. Scale realization and intensive management is the mainstream of prospective industry reform and development.

          (2) Obvious reinforcement of informatization trend

          As China society comes into information age, traditional mode of medical device circulation encounters informatization challenge, such as e-commerce. Medical device circulation enterprises build or integrate integrated service pattern of distribution, logistics and e-commerce and modern intelligent service platform of data processing, all of which becomes new carrier to promote medical device circulation value-added service.

          (3) Innovation and development becomes mainstream

          Faced with market highly homogenized competition situation, medical device circulation enterprises shall be innovative, exploring and developing a variety of marketing and service mode. For upstream suppliers, enterprises provide personalized and differentiated services for them to joint development. For downstream customers, enterprises carry out medical device supply chain innovation service, and provide value-add services.

              It is noteworthy that medical device industry develops rapidly, however, the industry structure level is low: most products concentrate on low-end medical device products, yet there is a gap between high-end medical devices and foreign ones. Future industry needs to make a breakthrough in the high-end medical device field to gain more development. 

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